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The Fear Buster

This course is designed for those who want to have the courage to be confident in speaking to others.

You will learn how to unlock the fear that is holding you back. It is a confidence booster to finding your inner strengths. Class size is small, so you will gain the maximum attention from your facilitator. The course has been formulated by Jennifer and she has given much thought in providing a course that will enhance your individuality and encourage you to break out from what is holding you back. Jennifer's teaching methods are unique some say " she is very animated and entertaining and hits the point home first time". It will be visual and hands on and each method of teaching will uncover what elements are holding you back. The course will be fun! Trust me when I say your learning process will be liberating. Jennifer will share her own personal experiences and her inspiring story in the journey to "finding her voice". It will encourage you to find your voice and when you do, all around you then changes and you will feel free to share your opinions, your ideas and your dreams...

What you will learn from the course will enable you to be equipped and aware of your speaking ability, gain more confidence, and most of all you gain the knowledge to continually improve your speaking style. Your fear of public speaking will be 'busted" once and for all time.

The Fear Buster course is a 1 day seminar which includes morning/afternoon/lunch and course materials.