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Professional Presence

"PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE" - especially designed for those who have some experience in public speaking. Learn how to better impact an audiencwinnere by refining your presentation skills with additional knowledge and techniques. Learn how to hold the audiences attention, and make them hold on every word. You will learn professional delivery techniques, and speech writing styles. Learn how you can communicate more effectively your ideas in meetings and before any size group. Learn how to use your entire body - your posture, power of pauses, facial expressions, eye contact and overall appearance - to convey sincerity, enthusiasm, humour and credibility. Learn stage craft and successful formulas that will make you stand out and be remembered. Jennifer will focus on teaching you formulas that work and produce success. This course is hands on, visual and entertaining. Jennifer's style and method of teaching is a style all her own. You will learn how to evaluate and listen so you can understand what a audience expects. In this course you will receive a 400 page Speakers manual with valuable information that will aid you to improve your own speaking style. In depth studies of other World Champion speakers will be provided. Learn the ability to design and master your delivery so you produce an effective presentation, so the audience will get your "take home" message and get it. This course is for those who are serious about improving their techniques.  Professional Presence will fine tune your potential, and will give you the "X' factor that makes you stand out from the rest. Turn your speeches from free to fee....

The Professional Presence 1 day seminar all inclusive information pack, 400 page speakers manual, refreshments and lunch.