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This is for those who have some form of experience in public speaking but wish to gain a more polished look.  The difference from being OK to WOW! will have an major effect on you, your audience and the difference in making the sale or motivating your team to having the recognition for being an outstanding presenter that is in demand.  It's all in the "extra" that creates an extraordinary presenter.

Effective presenters are made, not born. You can become an effective presenter if you have the persistence to do so. One of the keys to effective presentation skills is combining verbal and non verbal communications and an convincing message.  Knowing your presentations will be believable and accepted allows you to deliver powerful presentation.

Jennifer will provide all the know how, hands on experience to make your audience sit up and think, so that you stand out from the rest.  You will be shown how to practice and memorise your presentation and still make it look and sound natural.

Learn the mechanics of communication, master the art of connecting with your audience.

Max De Pree summed it up as "There may be no single thing more important in our efforts to achieve meaningful work and fulfilling relationships than to learn to practice the art of communication."

The training will be detailed to your specific requirements.

Class size will be small to gain the most possible  in achieving your goal.  Alternatively, one on one coaching can also be provided to assist you in this specific topic.