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"As a professional speaker exclusively manged by Saxton Speaker Bureau, I thought my signature "Business Improvement" Keynotes were World Class.... until I had 2 coaching sessions with Jennifer!  She has an uncanny ability to observe your content and process, and simply take your speech to another level.  I have noticed a shift in audience engagement, and my repeat booking and referral rate has increased."  Thank You Jennifer.    

 Ian Stephens.  Author, Key-Coach Speaker and Trainer.  Enrich Management Group.

"Thank You for the workshop Jennifer.  You had us captivated and even our most experienced speakers were thinking about story telling in new ways.  It was very useful".

Ralph Brown CSP  National Speakers of New Zealand.

"What a WOW!  Thanks for your wonderful presentation to Christ Church National Speakers Association New Zealand chapter on Tuesday.  Inspirational.  We loved you and your content and your delivery.  EXCELLENT!  You have helped everyone.

Dr Rodney Ford  Author of:   The Gluten Syndrome


You answered the topic brief perfectly, helping the attendees discover fresh ways to approach their communications to their different target markets.  It was evident you had thought about the audience and their specialist charity/ Not For Profit needs.  Your ability to weave "real world" examples within your presentation to back up your points was both clever and unique.  You shared many practical tips and techniques.  As promised, the audience walked away with "out-takes" they will undoubtly see great result from.

Though based in different countries and time zones, you were a dream to work with in the build-up to the actual date; always quick in your replies and you showed a willingness to contribute  ideas and work collaboratively.

Jennifer, thanks again for sharing your specialist communications skills and contributing to the marketing community here in Wellington, New Zealand.

ma. Marketing Association, Sarah Bain MCIM Chartered Marketer - Branch Manager Wellington NZ

"Jennifer Leone has 3 gifts that make her an exceptional coach, a sense for authenticity, for relevance, and for timing.  She recognizes what is real and knows how to bring out what is genuine in a personality, a presentation, or a parable. Often we are too close to our own message to recognize its real value to other people.  Jennifer has helped me time and again to take what had been on the tip of my tongue for months or years, and bring it out into plain view.  We speak often on Skype, even though we live in different countries, in each coaching session I always walk away with a heightened sense of what is most meaningful in my own message!

I also leave with a heightened appreciation for the value of time and timing and how to communicate with impact in the shortest way possible.  She knows how to catch you doing something right, and encourage you to do it more often and even more powerfully. Whether your goal is to improve your communication to one person or to many, Jennifer can take you there.

William Reed, Tokyo, Japan

Chairman of EMC Quest Corp -

I wanted to share with you my wins from my big 2 day seminar, I just held on the weekend... It was such a massive transformation for me Jennifer, EVERYTHING you taught me as a coach came out in me on stage. It was a real turning point for me this weekend as a speaker, I was alive and passionate, telling stories, making them laugh and cry.  Such a huge point from clinging to a script, to now I cannot wait to get up on stage and talk property and motivate others.   All those hours of coaching you put into me, has paid off.

Thank you Jennifer for the time and passion you invested in me as a speaker... I KNOW you would of be proud!

Elizabeth Lombardo - Director Leverage Property Investment & Development Specialist

Author "Millions & Billions in Property Development"


"Jennifer I want to say thank you so much for all the coaching you gave me with my recent speech preparation.  Your a Star!!

Before I received help from you I was quite stuck with parts  of my content and I desperately needed some guidance and advice about my delivery.  It seemed the harder I tried to improve the speech the further away from the end result I was.  I was also starting to get really nervous as I had not spoken in front of larger groups before.

Jennifer you came along just at the right time.  You understood exactly where I was coming from and you had a way of listening and seeing things from a different space than I ever could.  You also got me to see the skills I already had and how best to utilise those.

Thanks again Jennifer for your caring nature, passion and expertise, I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Trey Williams  Queensland.


"Jennifer is the guardian angel of communication coaching... like any great guardian angel she is nurturing, guiding, supporting and ensuring her clients best interests are at heart.  Jennifer's guidance breathed life into my speech that I was undertaking. She also helped me understand the nuances of what makes a speaker really connect with an audience.  If you want to vastly improve the way you connect with an audience, let Jennifer be your communication coach guardian angel"

Mark D'silva    2008 Annual District - International Speech Contest Winner.


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the valuable presentation at the National Conference. It was informative and encouraging. Your warmth, passion and knowledge left me with a very good impression"

Amy Zhang - Financial Controller - CATHOLIC MISSION


"Jennifer, your presentation at the National Conference was class act, a diva performance!".

Fr Paul Shannahan - Wellington  New Zealand - CATHOLIC MISSION


"I got so much out of your workshop, the next morning at conference I did a pitch that used all your tips and was rated 5 out 5".


"Catholic Mission employed Jennifer Leone as the primary presenter for the 2011 National Training Day - a day in which the staff and volunteers around the country were brought together to help consolidate their communications "as one".  As the facilitator charged with the task of linking our organisations myriad communication styles together, Jennifer proved herself to be quite a gifted instructor.  She demonstrated a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure that the staff learned what they needed to.  Her calming personality made us feel completely comfortable, even when we were making mistakes, and she was encouraging and positive throughout the proceedings.  If you want to improve your organisation's language usage and communication skills, hire her!"

Grahame Ryan

National Donor Relations Manager - Catholic Mission


"Thank you for the professional coaching you gave me to help me develop my story for my Charity work. It was important to me to learn to tell the story yet still leaving the audience with help and positivity. With your help, I was able to do this. Whilst speaking coaches are many, you STAND OUT because of your uncanny ability to get to the heart of a story and be able to tell it in such a way that people are riveted to their seats.

As we know stories are what connects to peoples hearts, so your skills are priceless as through you, we can all learn to be master storytellers. Anyone who has the opportunity to be coached by you, would be remiss in their personal and professional development, if they do not grab the opportunity."

Sophie Robertson - Coach-Trainer-Speaker - Younique Coaching


"Jennifer, is undoubtedly a World Class Presentation Skills Coach. Not only does she bring her innate creative ability, combined with her honed superior knowledge and skills as a speaker. Jennifer has a genuine caring to help other speakers find their voice and share their deep seated message with others. I have witnessed Jennifer first hand masterfully find gems of wisdom in speeches and then, simply yet powerfully transform them from ordinary to extra-ordinary!"

Kathryn Mackenzie M.Ed Keynote Speaker, Author - Toronto, Canada.

"There is such a fantastic learning curve in watching you speak. Your mastery in speech is extraordinary.   The way you share a story and take your audience with you on a journey - with every word, every syllable spoken, is awe-inspiring. I cannot think of a greater gift you could offer the world around you, than to help them find and pursue their own unique, "voice".
Lana Jovic, Principle Consulting, Australia



"Congratulations! You are a true leader! You are an inspiration and you are a very special person who has the ability to uplift all those around you."
Sandra Hanna - Director Willandra Landscapes


"Jennifer was able to point out several aspects of my presentations that could be delivered differently, thereby giving me the impact I desire with my audience.
As a result of my coaching I have a much more fluent and expansive mindset when it comes to my speaking and I am confident to do things I would never have done previously.
I will continue to use Jennifer's coaching and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to add the X factor to their presentations"
Andrew Eadie - Profitune Business Systems.


 "Of all the voice/presentation tutoring coaches and methods that I have either investigated or tried, none have come close to giving me as much as your "Talk Trainers" one on one training sessions. You're excellent in depth knowledge of speech and presentation skills were so much enhanced by your empathy and sensitivity towards me.



You are a pleasure to work with, I have found the right teacher. Under your guidance I can feel good progress and for the first time in a lifetime I now firmly believe that I can do this in spades. Thank you so much.
John Howard - Spreadsheet Modeling Systems


"My concern had I not previously met Jennifer would have been: Can she really help me? Would she be able to teach me anything I did'nt already know? Jennifer pinpointed aspects of my speech that needed improvement that were previously unidentified by several others that had given me feedback. Jennifer's suggestions were so natural and simple I wondered how they could have been overlooked. The suggestions given were very valuable. Jennifer was able to give me just the right amount to work on for my current speaking ability - not too much and not too little. Talk trainer's training premises are superb and Jennifer provides real value for money.

I recommend Jennifer to anyone needing help developing a presentation and particularly for those needing to develop a story. Jennifer has a talent for helping speakers bring their stories to life".

Joshua - IT Solutions

"I thank you for giving me the courage to able to stand up in front of the guests, something I would have regretted always if I had not been able to do this. The wedding was absolutely wonderful and your help with the speeches gave an extra added touch." Carol Childs - Davidson NSW



I wanted to write a note  to tell you that the speech went down superbly and the content was exactly what I needed for my sisters wedding – a great mix of laughs and sincerity which everyone enjoyed and congratulated me on.

 I do not think I could have pulled it off without your help.  You provided the structure, customization which  gave me the confidence to deliver and convey my thoughts , you have an incredible ability to write and see through the eyes of a third person and to understand exactly what people want and need to hear as if you knew my sister. Thank you for taking the time out to sit down with me to understand my thoughts and conveying it to a great speech and than practicing it with me, I would never have forgiven myself if i messed it up…. as it  was all recorded on video!”


PeterSarju JP  SeniorAccount Executive - Telstra


"My reasons for particularly wanting to say thanks stems not only from the tuition, but from the enthusiasm you engendered. I came away feeling, "Yes, I can do this". As you said, "Today's top presenters present in a new way." You've convinced me that I need not only be aware of this but to practice it. Practice it, I will"

Tom Ware - Toastmaster - Author


"Thank you for your presentation last night. You are a tremendous speaker!"

Castle Hill Rotary - Hannibal


"It was such a valuable learning experience, the group really appreciated your input.Your information, gentle yet strong approach had a great impact on us that day. Thank you"

The Speakers Practice - Adrienne McLean - Director



"It was an awesome presentation full of wonderful 'gems' that can easily be used."
Sean McNally - Focused Learning
"Jennifer trained me to complete at the district level of the International Speech Contest in May 2012.  I felt I was in the presence of a truly accomplished presentation Speech Coach.  Jennifer has been trained by two of the very best Speech Coaches on the planet, Craig Valentine and Darren La Croix from America.
Jennifer has developed her own personal style which is compelling, captivating and awe inspiring.
I highly recommend TALK TRAINERS. If you want to take your public speaking to the next level, hire Jennifer as your World Class Speech Coach.
Sam Ades - "The Cold Caller Sales Presenter"